Best Online Exam Softwares 2021

The pandemic has compelled educational institutions to shift almost all aspects of learning online. Examinations and other assessments are now being conducted virtually. While this has allowed students to undergo their academic evaluations in a safe manner, it has led to a significant increase in instances of cheating. Many students have exploited the limitations of the remote monitoring capabilities of schools and colleges to gain an unfair advantage when taking their examinations. The most common methods of cheating during online exams include impersonation, using external resources, screen sharing, and colluding with friends and other individuals. This poses a huge threat to an institution's academic integrity, which in turn has huge ramifications for students, in terms of the veracity of their marks and for the institution, in terms of its accreditation and standing.

Some common solutions to prevent cheating include using a lockdown browser, setting time limits, mandating webcams to be turned on, preparing multiple versions of the test for the same subject, installing anti-plagiarism software, live proctoring, etc. It is worthwhile for schools and colleges to use an online exam software that offers a broad range of features that are designed to prevent cheating, instead of purchasing anti-cheating resources separately. There are several online exam software that cater to a variety of institutions, based on their school size and specific requirements.

Here is a list of the best online exam software options to choose from:


A leading online examination software provider, Ken42’s unified education management platform provides a one-stop solution for all aspects of managing an educational institution. Ken42 online exam software enables you to create tests for several types of questions including objective, subjective, match the following, and can be an image, audio or even video-based. Mathematical concepts can be tested effectively as there is an added feature of a mathematical keyboard for equations.

With effective question bank management measures in place, timed assessments can be conducted with the facility to scan and upload images as answers. What sets Ken42’s software apart from other options is its cutting-edge AI-based proctoring capability that allows live monitoring to take place, preserving the integrity of the assessments. Ken42 also has superior data analysis capabilities that provide actionable insights to educators about student performance and help create personalized learning pathways for each student.

Think Exam

The online exam platform application provided by Think Exam serves as a convenient mode of conducting examinations virtually, with minimal human intervention. It creates a workflow that ensures optimal efficiency with respect to the creation of tests, circulation and delivery of the tests and the assessment and calculation of the scores. Exams, short quizzes, assignments and other material designed to evaluate students can be created and assigned seamlessly. It also provides live proctoring features and enables learners to undertake e-certifications and skill assessment examinations without any hassles.


ExamSoft is one of the most popular edtech companies that provide advanced software solutions for maintaining high levels of educational integrity and exam security. With a global presence in the online exam software market, it gives test takers and examiners meaningful data to improve performance and create an enhanced assessment experience for all stakeholders.

Creatrix Campus

This company provides a cloud-based exam management system that automates the examination process. It allows tests to be taken in both online and offline mode and can be accessed using an Android device as well. Students can register and take the exams remotely, and a secure on-screen evaluation process enables the examiners to evaluate answers and publish grades without any delays. The educational institution’s faculty and management will have access to comprehensive data analytics about the performance of each test taker. This collated information can be accessed on easy to use dashboards on a mobile app or web portal, helping school faculty to take measures to improve the learning outcome of each student.


mElimu provides virtual learning solutions for higher education and corporate training spaces. Its online exam platform allows assessments to be conducted virtually in a secure, cost-efficient manner with stringent anti-cheating measures. Its integrated online assessment software features include a lockdown browser, live chat support, advanced time limitation settings and allows examiners to design and conduct exams with ease. It also enables remote proctoring of exam takers so as to ensure that there is live tracking and full-time chat support provided to students.