Best Online Training Management Platform

An online training management platform helps you not just deliver content, but plan lessons, manage, assess and maintain your students’ learning records. Ideal for use in every kind of training scenario, an online training software is your one-stop digital platform that enables your institute to monitor the efficacy of your knowledge delivery with ease and from a unified platform.

Here is a list of the best online training software available today

  • Ken42

India’s first System for Education Design and Management, Ken42 is one of the best training management systems available today. With a comprehensive unified dashboard, it enables you to access, analyze and remedy learners’ activities with a single click. More than an LMS, Ken42 is an end-to-end platform for educational institutes, with features that include lead management, institute management, fee payment support, and more. With 24/7 IT support, a dedicated team to help with implementation and data security, the platform enables any academic content delivery for institutes ranging from stand-alone to franchise model, coaching centers, and more. The platform also integrates with legacy systems to make the transition to Ken42 easier.

  • EdApp

What sets this online training system apart is the fact that it’s free and provides access to a vast digital library. EdApp also helps you create multi-media courses, and one-click deployment, making teaching and learning easier.

  • Moodle

The open-source LMS, Moodle is perhaps the best-known online training management software available today. With collaborative features such as whiteboarding and site creation as a bonus, it easily integrates with other software for a holistic experience.

  • Administrate

Administrate encourages you to think beyond your LMS. This training software also enables you to convert your instructor-led training into virtual instructor-led training and can be useful for pre-recorded lectures and learning. Additional features are the ability to organize your resources, manage events, and eliminate manual interventions such as spreadsheets.

  • Learnamp

This training management software enables you to begin engaging with people even before they have begun or fully integrated with your system. Learnamp is a paid system that enables self-paced learning and allows learners to set their own learning goals and roadmaps.

  • Claned

A feature-rich platform, Claned enables you to gather data from every course and also offers an intuitive design for lesson creation. A relatively new player experiencing rapid growth, the platform is engaging and supports digital learning of all kinds.

  • Arlo

Arlo is a Digital Training Management System that enables you to integrate it with your website or create an online training website of your own. The system offers a high level of customization and offers an inbuilt CRM.

  • Orbis

This online training management system accommodates courses that range from instructor-led to virtual instructor-led to pre-recorded and more. The system supports self-paced learning and easily adapts to train-the-trainer and faculty upskilling courses, making Orbis a flexible system that quickly adapts to your requirements.

  • Tovuti

Tovuti is really convenient to use because it requires no installations or downloads. This cloud-based online training management system enables you to easily create learning content literally from anywhere with just your log-in. It has built-in course authoring tools that offer you a wide variety of possibilities for creating content and is easy to use and navigate.

  • GoToTraining

Many of the online learning management systems, like GoToTraining are aimed at professional learning and upskilling and are relevant for people development teams to enable employee learning. GoToTraining enables collaboration via small group interactions so teams can learn together and motivate each other to complete their certifications.

Whether you’re a coaching class or a school or a university, an online training management system is invaluable to you. With newer ways of learning and a digitally entitled student, two of the most important responsibilities you may be facing are likely to be course creation and faculty development. Upskilling your faculty, as well as your non-teaching staff, is no longer a function you can ignore with more sophisticated edtech coming into the market, and developing learning opportunities for them also becomes extremely relevant in a scenario such as the current one in which educators are under pressure to develop more engaging classes and admin staff is fast learning how to automate previously manually based functions.

An online training management system can help you ensure that your staff is continuously learning and improving, and also keeps them motivated to actually complete what they started. An end-to-end system such as Ken42 enables you to easily manage your staff’s upskilling efforts by helping you curate courses, procure learning material, connect with trainers, recommend courses for purchase and track their progress. The Ken42 Marketplace also makes it possible for your staff to purchase courses and learning through the app, even giving them access to newly published international content, as well as mentorship by thought-leaders and pioneers in education.

So, while evaluating a stand-alone online training management software may seem to be of some value, with the digital transformation of education becoming inevitable, platforms and solutions that offer an end-to-end solution herald a new phase in education in which the experience is removed from the idea of campus and facilities, to now be associated with the curation of academic material, associations and affiliations with pioneering education institutes, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary learning design, and above all, the opportunities to work on projects and be mentored by industry practitioners.

What an end-to-end solution can also facilitate is internships and placements. This also contributes to the growth of your educational brand and its positioning as a desirable education destination. As your student base and reputation grow, you attract well-known educators, and high-quality professionals, eager to contribute to your students and your vision for them.

It is fair to state that the scope of education institutes today goes far beyond what even the best online training management system can bring, ushering in the need for a new kind of ecosystem-the complete system that facilitates education from student recruitment to graduation and beyond.