End-to-end Faculty Delivery System
Optimize educators' time to deliver better learning outcomes

Ken42 is designed to optimize faculty's day-to-day functioning in universities and schools. The platform has been designed to help educators provide students with personalized attention and also has the capability to provide them with a 360° view of all student progress, both collectively and individually.

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Student Performance Management

Get a complete view on each student's performance

Holistic student monitoring is a critical part in measuring effectiveness from a student as well as faculty performance. This brings to light issues which may otherwise be overlooked in a typical classroom set-up.

Single view system
Detailed student metrics
Performance analytics
Informative insights

Create Custom Content

Create, upload and share custom learning materials for students

The platform has been created to help faculty create and share high-quality content simply and easily, in a controlled and safe way.

Seamless content creation
Audio, video and written content
Custom access permissions
IP and copyright protection

Assignments, Exams and Grading

Create exams, assignments and grade them within the platform

Ken 42 allows faculty members to easily assess students' comprehension from anywhere.

Custom exam and assignments
Special quizzes and assessments
Seamless grading experience
Dedicated follow ups

Community, Networking and Shared knowledge

Connect with the best minds in the teaching industry

Growing in your role as an educator means communicating and collaborating with the finest thinkers in the teaching sphere.

Global educator network access
Share knowledge and insights
Get access to a wealth of publications
Build a strong peer network

A unified education delivery system.
No more chaos

Ken42 has been designed from the ground up to reimagine every facet of education delivery. From increasing administrative efficiency to an engaged faculty network and most importantly, holistic improvement of student performance, the platform is fully modular and customizable and integrates seamlessly with existing technologies.


Communicate and interact with your student body effortlessly.


Innovate faster with emerging solutions like digital classrooms and remote examinations.


Break silos, automate repetitive tasks and build a reputation for excellence.


Provide new learning content and methodology, preparing them for a changing future.


Design experiences within and outside classrooms for a differentiated student experience. 

Receive a custom roadmap for digital transformation

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Ken 42 has been founded and created from within the edtech startup ecosystem, ensuring that it brings the newest, most efficient thinking in education to institutions, faculty and their students.