Build a Coaching Institute brand that students want to evangelize

Even as digital tools abound and online marketing is everyone’s secret sauce, educational institutes continue to experience the power of word-of-mouth, or customer evangelism. While building a great product continues to remain at the center of consumer willingness to recommend your product, there remains a lot more coaching institutes can do in order to remain front and center of the consumer mindspace and occupy market share. 

Track your brand 

Use tools that alert you to every mention of your brand. This may entail a review, a tag, a recommendation, or more. Tracking mentions enables your team to manage your brand on a micro level, respond to feedback fast and build a reputation of customer-centricity. When your consumer begins to see you as an entity that values their well-being, the brain’s pleasure centers are activated, leading to the association of your brand with being cared for and valued, and evangelism follows rapidly.  

Make things easy 

Automate and streamline processes such as payments, documentation, student-institute communication and content delivery. This empowers learners to maximize their time, have more control over their learning journey and engage more with their institute. A positive experience will influence them to place you as their first choice for future learning. 

Form communities 

Institutes tend to lose touch with their students once certificates have been given. Lacking the bonhomie of a school or university, forming a bond with each can be difficult and feel baseless. However, importantly, coaching institutes can be the foundation of many mutually beneficial connections. The right tech platform can help you build a community that is more than an email-marketing plan, stay in touch with alumni and enable them to advocate for you resulting in a profitable outcome. 

Have a bigger picture 

Coaching institutes have successfully delivered content and certifications to learners looking to supplement learning, upskill or gain credibility. While their contribution to learners is invaluable, they are often viewed as a threat to mainstream institutions, and a too-narrow focus limits their potential for growth. A unified platform that brings both educational and coaching institutes on to the same platform creates opportunities for collaboration, brand credibility, and diversification of offerings. 

Communicate everything 

The power of a newsletter is underestimated. With efficient tech tools, newsletters and updates can be sent out to appropriate audiences, tested and recreated for effectiveness. The ability to manage the entire communication lifecycle from a single sign in, enables you to get an overview of your campaign, and frees you up to think through your communication strategy creatively, eliciting deeper involvement and more meaningful engagement with your consumers. 

Ken42 is a technology platform built for educational institutes, enabling them to deliver a better experience for all stakeholders from founders to students. India’s first System for Education Design and Management, (SEDM), Ken42 facilitates exponential growth and better delivery for institutions looking to deliver on their ambitions.