Entering a new era with India's 2022 budget

Entering 2022, India is booming with disruptive development in every possible industry and is accelerating towards establishing a strong foundation for growth and overall digitalisation across the country.

A fast growing sector in recent years, edtech is a crucial piece of the future of education in the country, and the proposed budget for the financial year reflects the deliberations towards the same. Taking into account the unpredictable nature of businesses, the globally connected economy and the course towards what comes next.

Pushing the adaptations, the government aims to boost the transformative shift. With an increase of 11.86% in education from 2021, Budget 2022 focuses on digital education, the creation of a digital university, job creation, agricultural universities, skill development of programmers, and much more.

“Clearly, accessibility and quality education are at the center of the government’s initiatives, which assures that we are moving in the direction of achieving the United Nations SDGs (sustainable development goals), as a nation. Innovative mechanisms for imparting knowledge, teacher's training programs, and high-quality regional content for e-learning will be the focus areas for us and we are glad to see the national support towards the sector,” - Mayank Kumar, Co-founder, Managing Director, upGrad - Sourced from VCCiRCLE.

Edtech has surpassed a mere adaptation of technology and has moved towards innovation and restructuring of the approach towards holistic human development. The massive interest towards edtech and digitalisation is not a strange motif considering the shockwaves due to the pandemic outbreak. A critical segue towards the demanding environments of the global markets, edtech serves as a quintessential prospect to reform the foundations of the future, especially if it is disconnected, unorganised and large in number.

“Striving for excellence is invariably a virtuous undertaking, especially when it comes from a government towards its nation’s progress and development.

The proposed 2022 budget reflects the buoyant edtech sector along with the ambitions to uplift and support the upcoming transformation and long-term establishment of tech based systems.

Apart from being the need of the hour, the investments in edtech is a promising foundation in constituting a complete digital transformation and application in our conventional environments.

Since its inception Ken42 has endeavored to empower the future of the nation, the future that needs today’s foundation.” - Ganesh Raju K, Founder and CEO, Ken42.

Digital infrastructure being the top priority, government and investors seem to be focusing on independent edtech entities. While edtech firms, organisations and companies are definitely the future of education, the long-standing and established universities, colleges, institutions, and centres with their rich experience and compassion for education are better equipped to transform their conventional and traditional approach to edtech powered systems that not only revives their prevalence among the competition but more importantly keeping them one step ahead.

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