School Management System Features And Modules

School management system refers to the management software that can digitise all aspects of school management activities, using a single platform. School and higher educational institutions have begun to implement school ERPs to digitise their operations. School ERP features assist in streamlining all aspects of day-to-day educational management.

The education industry had already begun to embrace and incorporate technology in its work processes before the onset of the pandemic. Consequently, the unprecedented shift to virtual learning has compelled schools and universities everywhere to digitise their entire infrastructure in order to remain relevant. This is evidenced by figures in industry reports that show that, in 2020, the global education ERP market was worth US$ 10.68 and is estimated to register a CAGR of 14.8% from 2021-2027.

School management software features integrate innovative technology to create a robust system that enables the virtual management of the institution’s data and resources, increasing overall efficiency. When looking for a superior ERP, it is worthwhile to note the features and modules that any school management system must have.

Here is a list of school management system modules:

Admissions Management Module

Admissions season has long been characterised by parents and students running around from pillar to post, holding a stack of admissions forms and supplementary documents and school admissions teams scrambling to process huge volumes of applications and send out acceptance letters in time. The admissions module takes the entire process online, enables online registration and remote submission of application forms and required documents. Applicant dashboards can be created to view the applicant’s profile, application progress can be tracked, with timely reminders being sent to complete their applications before deadlines. It can also help students receive notifications about the outcome of their application and make payments online. This module creates a smooth, paperless, time-saving journey from application to enrollment for applicants and admissions teams as well.

Student Management Module

One of the core school ERP modules, this management module helps educational institutions create a 360-degree profile of each student throughout their school journey. It includes their personal and family information, photographs including demographic details, emergency contacts, health records, academic transcripts, extracurricular activities and achievements, attendance records etc. This information can be used to create ID cards for students, send updates to parents about their child’s attendance and academic achievements, and any pending payments to be made. This information can be accessed easily by teachers or the school administration to view and update student information and academic records and determine the best way to help their students learn and excel.

Learning Management Module

The learning management module takes care of the learning activities of the educational institution. It creates abundant learning content for various subjects, courses and departments, based on the semester or terms. This module creates course notes and tests, class timetables, sets up automated online classrooms, assigns marks to students and generates their transcripts and grades, thereby effectively organising all aspects of the academic calendar.

Digital Resource Management Module

The digital resource module automates the management of all the digital resources of the school or university in a secure library. This includes any number of ebooks, videos, audio files, magazines, newsletters, and photo albums. This allows students to access digital learning resources online based on availability and also creates a record of what material is borrowed and returned.

Communications Module

Having a dedicated communications feature in your school management system can enable you to maintain personalised communications between teachers, administration and students. This feature helps set up a system that can handle multiple queries and feedback, direct them to the concerned department and send follow up messages and responses on time, reducing any delay in resolving enquiries or other issues. It can be used to send notifications and alerts regarding attendance, exam timetables, pending payments, assessment outcomes, holidays, school festivities and other important events.

Marketing Automation Module

Among the most valuable school management software modules to have is the one that facilitates the complete automation of the institution’s marketing activities. You will be able to build highly individualised marketing journeys for each prospective student, using cross channel competencies. Marketing automation modules, offered by school management system providers like Ken42, utilise AI technology to generate highly accurate analytics reports that determine which leads are most likely to convert. You can use this information to create personalised emails and SMS messages to efficiently target key demographic groups, significantly increasing the return on investment from marketing efforts.

Financial Management Module

The finance module digitises all financial activities of the institution. This allows for the effective management of the institution's assets, processing of fee payments and receipts, loan payments, financial transactions, tuition waivers and payroll management. The creation of financial statements, budgeting and other internal reports can be done remotely using a single system.

Faculty Management Module

This module will help institutions gain a complete overview of their faculty. Institutions have realised the importance of having faculty management systems in place. There will be easy access to information regarding every faculty member’s personal information, qualifications, employment history, salaries as well as performance feedback from their students and fellow faculty members.

Examination Management Module

Having an infrastructure capable of conducting online exams has now become a necessity for all schools and universities. An exam management module provides a convenient solution to this problem. It can create timed evaluations that contain features to support written, mathematical, image, video and even audio-based questions. Ken42’s school management software includes an AI-based live proctoring feature that helps maintain the academic integrity of online examinations.

Transportation Module

A transportation management module can add to a seamless student journey. This module includes RFID based technology that can track the school's vehicles. The use of geofencing creates accurate route plans for school buses and provides parents and the school administration with live alerts regarding traffic delays, route detours etc.

Government Compliance

There have been sweeping changes in education regulations, making it useful to have a module in place that will assist in compliance management. This will aid in generating reservation quota reports, maintaining infrastructure according to official requirements and creating official NIRF NAAC and other compliance reports.