Top Ten Learning Management Software

A Learning Management System is a basic need for education institutes today. In fact, the LMS market was predicted to be worth over $15.72 billion in 2021. With a growing percentage of internet users, and unstable post pandemic world, and an expectation of education that is moving away from facilities and campus, and more towards affiliations, method of delivery and the quality of teachers, the possibilities have never been so vast and the landscape so intimidating.

Finding and incorporating the best Learning Management Software that addresses your institutes needs comprises awareness of the top Learning Management Software available today.

The top ten learning management software comprise a mixture of popular LMS, as well as those with impressive leadership from the world of business and education. This is an important factor to consider while evaluating Learning Management Software because your vision for your institute may not stop at classrooms. With a decreasing focus on brick and mortar classrooms and an increasing focus on the milieu of schools and education, you may be better served with a holistic end-to-end solution that enables you to not just run an institute, but oversee its every function while continuing to offer improved student outcomes.

The following is the list of Top Ten Learning Management Software available today.

1. Moodle

Among the best learning management software is Moodle. It is also widely known and free. Because it is open source, it is continuously being worked on and it is highly collaborative and used in over 240 countries.

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom offers a free and paid LMS software that allows you to do basic functions such as video conferencing, commenting, whiteboarding and class assignments. Their paid version enables you to integrate other software with the classroom, and due to its common availability and everyone’s knowledge of it, can be quite easy to begin using.

3. Ken 42

The biggest advantage of Ken42’s LMS is that it comes as a part of a larger platform and ecosystem for educational institutes. As a top learning management software, it offers all the features expected of a popular learning management system, is highly scalable, making it suitable for every size of institute, while also offering other essential features an institute management software does such as marketing, fee management, communication management and more. As India’s first System for Education Design and Management, Ken42’s platform helps you deliver on all your ambitions for your institute from growth to improvement of education.

4. Adobe Captivate Prime

Undeniably one of the best LMS software available today Adobe Captivate Prime offers a rich, interactive learning experience and also gives you access to a month-long free trial so you can gauge if it’s right for you. This Learning Management Software encourages discovery and consumption.

5. Thinkific

One of the top 10 Learning Management Software available today, Thinkific is scalable, allows you to create and whitelabel courses, and support your students with additional features offered by the software.

6. Violet LMS

Violet LMS is another popular LMS software with a presence in over 40 countries. They claim to have over 3,00,000 users and are available in over 15 languages. It enables content delivery, e-library, reports and classroom training among other features and also offers a free 30-day trial.

7. Blackboard Learn

One of the first Learning Management Software created for innovative learning and teaching improvement in education, Blackboard Learn is a popular Learning Management System that helps drive student success. Importantly, it helps drive personalized learning and connects teachers and learners.

8. iSpring Learn

An ideal response to the pandemic and its role as a catalyst during lockdown conditions, iSpring Learn is a fast-acting plug-and-play solution for institutes in need of taking their teaching remote. This LMS allows you to record classroom sessions, respond to queries from students and parents, and quickly onboard new hires and recruits. It is an ideal choice for a new institute looking to increase its student base in a short time.

9. Managebac

The IB curriculum is growing in popularity and it needs Learning Management Software to ensure that its specific needs are met. Managebac is student-centric and built for K12 education that follows the international curriculum. Offering support in career-planning as well, this LMS has a clear niche and focus.

10. PupilPod

With a legacy of over 12 years, Pupilpod is one of the popular Learning Management Software that has been around for a while and offers services in over 4 countries to 4,00,000 students. It offers support in financial, operational, communications as well as classroom support.

While this list of LMS Software is by no means exhaustive, it does mention some of the popular Learning Management Systems in use today. While selecting the one that is right for your institute, it is advisable to research those that enable you to manage your institute from one dashboard, and also track events in other institutes under the same brand. Most LMS only offer learning management, which while useful, may not address your needs around the complete management of your brand name, image management, and other important marketing functions such as rewards management and more. While the majority of people are now accustomed to using an LMS, the needs of an institute are far more and expand to outside the scope of an LMS. These may include alliances such as placements, mentors, internships, live projects, skills and alumni networks. A complete system or platform for educational institutes also ensures that you are not in the market for a new software every two years and can easily grow your vision, as well as scale and diversify using the same software for many years to come. In other words, your Educational Software needs to act more like a partner in your journey than a tool. For this, make sure you research the team that built your software, their vision for the trajectory of the LMS, and how it aligns with your present and future plans. The LMS is an essential, but a small part of the digital transformation that edtech can catalyze in your institution and harnesses its possibilities now, will only greatly and positively impact your future.